Glen Road House

Annex House

Architect name: Superkül

Built for a client with specific health requirements, +HOUSE required that every bit of material and equipment in it be 100% natural. Some builders would see this as a limitation, but LaFabrika jumped on the opportunity to exercise the classical methods of cabinetry they know so well to achieve modern forms of function without the use of chemical treatments.

Architect name: Superkül

This long and narrow Rosedale home was brightened with the help of LaFabrika’s craftsmanship. One particular challenge came from balancing the limited light sources on either end with the restricted space – three floors, 12 feet wide and over 65 feet long. Rising to the occasion, LaFabrika met Superkül’s design to keep the staircases contained by building permanent white-oak screens through which skylight could pass.

Architect name: Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

LaFabrika’s ingenuity helped Dubbeldam Architecture + Design transform this Annex residence into an open space framed by functional furniture. Wooden screens fitted with frosted glass and built-in storage units offered a solution to both connect and divide rooms. Using the horizontal grain lines of the wood, LaFabrika helped visually elongate the space.

  • +HOUSE
  • Glen Road House
  • Annex House

This house is about stripped-down minimalism… with a wealth of health-sensitive technologies.
It was challenging in a non-typical way.

– Andre D’Elia, lead architect at Superkül

Tying the whole composition together are big, white-oak screens on every floor. Viewed from the kitchen, the screen is opaque; move closer, and the slats reveal the staircase.

– The Globe and Mail

Wood like you’ve never seen it before.

– The Globe and Mail

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